Gorgeous Geneva

A lovely Ring production


Dear Andrew Blair

What a fabulous week.  That really summarises my feedback  But I guess something more detailed would of more help to you, so here goes.

The operas

Fine singing in every role accompanied, but never drowned, by impeccable orchestral playing.  The theatre is of a size which does not demand the biggest of Wagnerian voices with the attendant wobbles (or overdeveloped tremolo, to be polite) shown by singers used to filling the Met. for example.  It is all the better for that.  The choice of seats, row 12, was acoustically ideal.  The production was inventive and slickly rehearsed.

Niggles – and this is all they are: the opera budget had clearly been spent on the music and production – which is as it should be.  In consequence the scenery and costumes were somewhat homespun. Walkure in jeans, and Siegfried in a Lands End shirt did not provide a memorable spectacle, except for the wrong reasons.  And the young Siegfried, who looked older than Wotan, could have done with a wig in preference to the bald cap he was, I assume, wearing.  But the voice retrieved everything.


Appropriate, definitely not over the top, pleasant, modern, and quiet for a big city if you get the right room (thank you).  Its location, down a side street intermediate between the ferry and the station grew on me.  Plenty of good restaurants nearby.  And only a  street away a generous and cosmopolitan selection of ladies of the night for those of that inclination.

Collection and delivery service

Immaculate.  (The airport delivery service, prompt at 07.25 got us to the airport 2 hours and 20 minutes before take off – presumably allowing for a contingency which did not occur that day.)

Altogether a huge thank you from me and Dr Barber to you and your team at Opera in Style for so admirably living up to your name.