Brilliant Berlin

RA, Cardiff

Dear Andrew
Thanks for your arrangements for our trip to Berlin.  All was fine.  The hotel was ideally placed – central but quiet.  The opera was wonderful.  EasyJet was as ghastly as ever – but their proposal to move to pre-designated seats might make us all behave slightly less like animals in future.

Two tiny suggestions:  

You might like to recommend the Berlin Welcome Card to travellers like us – you might even be able to offer it in advance as part of your package.  It is, as you probably know, well worth having for short breaks – and it also removes any worries travellers might have about how to transfer from Schonefeld to the city centre.

Opera houses around the world have different customs and practices about dress;  and so it might be worth including some advice about this.  For example, for Staatsoper, you might point out that older Berliners tend to dress up (men wearing a jacket and tie and ladies frequently to be seen with jewels and furs) – but that more informal dress is perfectly acceptable.

A great trip – many thanks.