Fabulous Finland

Opera at Savonlinna


Dear Andrew
We write to say that we enjoyed an excellent break and that all went well, including the brilliant weather, thank you for making all the arrangements.

Both hotels exactly met our requirements and were very well located in both places.  The bedrooms were spacious and in Savonlinna we had a balcony.

Savonlinna and the Finnish lake district were very beautiful, we enjoyed half a day on an old lake steamer.  We also enjoyed visiting Helsinki.

The setting for the operas, Olavinlinna Castle was amazing, the staging, acoustics and quality of the singing and music were outstanding.  As arranged you booked The Flying Dutchman for us but, by chance, we met another English couple who had tickets for The Magic Flute which we brought.  The contrast between the two made the whole experience most interesting. 

For The Magic Flute  we sat on the front row in a side block (LHS looking at the stage seats 3 and 4).  These were surprisingly good seats because, even though we were on the side, the action was quite spread out over the wide stage and we had a good view of the orchestra.

For the Flying Dutchman you had booked us central seats on row 7.  These were good but unfortunately the row was on the same level as the seats in front and therefore the view was obstructed occasionally.  The seats on the rows immediately  behind started to be stepped up and therefore the views were not so obstructed. Although these seats were rather more expensive we though that the extra cost would have been worthwhile. 

Again, many thanks for arranging this excellent experience.