Sensational Salzburg

T and J [Herts]

Just back from Salzburg.

Your arrangements were all very much appreciated. The Hotel Pitter (and Pitter Keller restaurant) were very good indeed - we had a lovely big room and bath. Mercedes swished us from and to the airport (no.plate VIP 1).

At first we were surprised to be right at the back of the parterre both for the opera and the recitals, but as you said both accoustics and visibility were good.

"Figaro" tremendous production and performance; Sokolov's piano playing was wonderful; Schiff's Schubert sonata was a late work rarely performed - less bubbly and happy than his more popular work.

The frequent buses into the Alte Stadt helped to reduce the walking, pleasant as it was through the Mirabell gardens and over the footbridge.

Just one niggle. We arrived at the hotel at 11.45,( having left home at 5.00,) to be told we could not have our room until 3.0pm - not unreasonable but reception did not offer anywhere to rest , or change before the afternoon in town. The hotel breakfasts were an experience - quite incredible.

We got to the Wolfgansee and the Weisses Rossl. Also - all courtesy Salzburg card- Salzach boat to Heilbrunn and from there cable car up the Untersberg.

Ryan Air worked well. On return the aircraft had to be taken out of service and for an hour no information. Then all was well after only another hour's delay.

Altogether a good holiday.