Memorable Milano

Mr & Mrs M from Wales

   This is just to let you know that our trip to Milan, including the hotel and parking at Heathrow, went extremely well. The Hotel de Ville was ideally situated for our night at the opera as well as the other cultural visits which we made.
   Turandot was a most lavish production and the first half was electrifying. It faded a bit towards the end and the enormous frame of her lover stretched credibility, even more than normal. The audience loved Liu, but did not respond much to the fat prince. Still, the whole atmosphere of La Scala was unforgettable.
   The Last Supper was extraordinary and very well organised and we were most intreagued by our visit to the Villa Necchi Campiglio. There was a Hayez exhibition at the Brera and many other interesting works. We felt that there was plenty to do in Milan and loved the  many old churches and the parks in the spring. We tried several of the listed restaurants and found an interesting eating area around the Navigli. We also dicovered Pecks in the Via Spadari and loaded up on parmesan etc. On Good Friday we went to an excellent performance of JS Bach's St Matthew Passion at the Auditorium.
Thankyou for all your help.
Terry and Jo M