COVID-19 Update 09.5.2021

International leisure travel from England will resume on May 17, 2021 - with significant conditions still attached.
The government has published a traffic-light system of opening up travel: green, amber and red.
On the green list: Although twelve territories are on the green list, the following are the main destinations for UK travellers: Gibraltar, Israel, Portugal, and Singapore. Although Australia & New Zealnd feature on the green list, neither country allows arrivals from overseas!
On the amber list: Too extensive to list here but includes most of Europe [France, Germany, Greece, Italy and Spain] plus USA and Canada.
On the red list: Everywhere else [Afica, India, South America].
It is worth remembering that many overseas governments, which are behind the UK in their vaccination programmes, are still to finalise their dates of reopening. So it is esential you check first before booking any travel.
And it will still be necessary to take Covid-19 tests before you return to the UK.
Please check the following website for further, and up-to-date, information: