COVID-19 Update No. 8 :

Little change from last week.
Still no word from our contacts on the ground in Verona. Clearly much thought is being given by national and local government, the festival management as to the pressing practicalities surrounding perception and safety to artists, musicians and audiences: 14,000 [give or take] nearly every night from mid-June to mid-August!
Also, nothing further, yet, from the box office at Torre del Lago about the 2020 Puccini festival. Bregenzer Festspiele [22 July-23 August] is reviewing "at the end of May", and the box office for Rossini Festival [09-20 August] will now open on May 27. The Sferisterio festival in Macerata [17 July-09 August] is still on as we write.
Refunds Update
We continue the slow but painstakingly thorough process of refunds of those bookings where productions have been cancelled. For all the reasons already listed ad nauseam we have to wait [obviously] until the final supplier on any booking has refunded us before we can, finally, issue a credit note and BACS transfer. It is slow but progress is gradually being made. We are up to mid-April departures and so are working approximately a month or so behind the wave [Hokusai's The Great Wave off Kanagawa is a most apt metaphor!].
In the wake of the wide publicity surrounding the whole refund issue, it is perhaps worth observing the decision, last week, by the EU to suspend the 14-day refund ruling which I referred to last week. It is simply impractical, under the exceptional and unpredictable circumstances, to enforce this rule without resulting is widespread liquidations. With your patience and continued forbearance, we are confident we shall complete this chronological process in full for the vast majority of bookings by the end of whatever transpires to be the end of the summer festival season.
If you are anxious or wish to contact me, please, as requested in previous bulletins, be so kind as to send your message, for the time-being, by e-mail to