COVID-19 Update No. 3 : This, too, shall pass

Sunday 29 March 2020

We are one week into the countrywide 'lockdown'! Seems longer, doesn't it? We hope you are managing to stay healthy and positive.

   We were saddened to learn, last week, that one of the casualties of coronavirus is Plácido Domingo who has tested postive for the virus. We wish him well. It has been a tough few months for Domingo as you'll know but what is undeniable is the joy and pleasure he has given to so many lovers of opera over the past 40-years and more.

   While the streets are empty and this amazing spring-like weather keeps us sane, we continue to keep in close touch [or are trying to] with the airlines, hotels, opera house and festival managements. Our task is not made easy by the continued long, long waits on the telephone at centres much bereft of workers. All companies, many of  whose staff are now home-working, have either shut 'until further notice' making it virtually imposaibler for us to seek redress or responses to the cancellation claims in the pipeline. This process will continue, I forsee, for many weeks and more.

   The process is further exacerbated by airlines, in particular, refusing to offically cancel flights beyond 2 to three- weeks in advance. Summer festivals, likewise, are petrified to cancel their events hoping for for some last-minute divine intervention which will magically expunge the virus from thir town or city. Would that it were so simple. I continue to pray.

    So, with your patience and long-suffering co-operation, we shall persevere with the dance until the conclusion - whenever that may be.

   As we've repeated ad nauseam, these events are on a magnitude and global scale not seen in our lifetimes.

   It is impossible to speculate or provide any idea of time-scale. Until the governments are convinced the pandemic is waning and it is safe to begin lifting quarantines nothing will happen. Even then, I seriously doubt people will feel the urge to jump on a plane to foreign lands! Watch Wuhan for guidance.

   So, please bear with us again! We are doing everything in our power to resolve matters and keep in touch regularly with all the various parties involved in these complicated plans.

  As before, if you would like to discuss any aspects of the bookings you have in hand, may we please ask you to send your message by e-mail to Our telephone lines are presently taken up with holding on in queues to suppliers both here and overseas.  

  Again, thank you for your forbearance; it iks very much appreciated.

  In conclusion, on a slightly lighter note, if you'd like to occupy the extra leisure-time you now have with some opera, may we draw your attention to the following link as a source of useful links to on demand streaming productions,3