Brilliant Buxton

M & G S -

Dear Mr Blair,
We thoroughly enjoyed our visit.  The Old Hall hotel is perfectly situated for the Opera House, less than 2 minutes walk.  Our room, as arranged, had a large four-poster bed; and also plenty of storage space in wardrobe and drawers, and comfortable chairs.  The lounges also were comfortable and peaceful.  The breakfast selection, buffet and cooked, was excellent.  For a Scot, it was a delight to have a proper kipper for breakfast!

All four operas were excellent productions, with exceptionally good singing and orchestras.  The range of productions, including the familiar (Eugene Onegin), the humorous pastiche (Georgiana), the comical Offenbach operetta (Orpheus), to the 300 year restoration of the Baroque (Lucio), was thrillingly electrifying.

We found Buxton itself a delightful town, easy to walk around.  The spacious town gardens are a delight.  We would recommend anyone going to Buxton to be sure to visit the interesting museum (closed Mondays), and (for those willing to go into damp and low-lit darkness) Poole’s Cavern with its natural growths of stalactites and stalagmites and fascinating rock formations.

There was much else on in Buxton both in the “official” festival and the fringe, but we found the four operas and the town itself sufficient to keep us occupied. 

Many thanks for your impeccable organisation.

With best wishes,