New York, New York...

Magical Renée Fleming

A & M W, Glasgow

Dear Mr. Blair,
All the arrangements worked perfectly, and we really appreciated being able to take an opera break in New York and have all the details worked out for us. In particular it was very good to have the airport transfers sorted out, so that we didn’t have to worry about getting from JFK to Manhattan.
The visits to the Met were truly memorable, especially seeing Renee Fleming in Der Rosenkavalier, an experience we will remember for a long time.
The only thing I’d want to comment on was the hotel. It was ideally positioned, and generally satisfactory (though having a room overlooking the internal well was unfortunate), but we were annoyed by the compulsory facility fee - $124 plus tax for what, for us, amounted to free WiFi and somewhere to leave luggage on the last day seems excessive. Is this normal for New York hotels? My only other experience of the city was going there for a conference, when someone else paid the bill!

But a small blip on what was otherwise an amazing and memorable trip. Many thanks for your service - we hope to use it again soon.

Best wishes