Fabulous Festtage

B & K L from Bournemouth

Dear Mr. Blair,

Thank you very much indeed for your letter  which awaited us on arrival at our Hotel last Friday and welcomed us to Berlin;   and also for your " welcome home"  letter which arrived here this morning.  We are happy to report that we have enjoyed a very successful holiday in Berlin.   All the travel arrangements both out and back went smoothly and to time.   The Hotel was an excellent choice  -  very comfortable and with a friendly and caring staff.  The music was superb and all the performances  were of the highest quality.   All highly deserving of the full houses they attracted and the generous receptions they received.  We really cannot think of anything which could be added or changed to improve this short tour.

So thank you for creating such a perfect Spring break.    These two participants were delighted it went so well and thoroughly enjoyed the experience and now remain your very satisfied customers.