Wagner in Sicily

Vick's Gotterdammerung

RP - Nottingham

Dear Andrew,
Always so busy when you get back but I must thank you for the arrangements for Palermo which were excellent and give you a bit of feedback. Seems to me that the city is ideal for a short break in winter provided you are not put off by the local driving.Rome and Naples a model of teutonic correctness by comparison!

More than enough to see for up to a week and personally on the architectural side I find the Byzantine and Norman French influences more interesting than the heavily baroqued. Really liked the G H Piazza Borsa for its perfect position and laid back style. Gotterdamerung was very good in parts.Graham Vick used some of his Birmingham style of opera amongst the audience particularly in the second act which startled the locals but worked very well.Of the three key roles two were excellent just a shame about Siegfried.
So all in all an excellent trip and thank you again. Best wishes.