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  • COVID-19 Update

    There is no significant change to the travel situation around travelling abroad. The Government in  the form of the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office [FCDO] is still advising people to avoid all but essential travel to many countries on the basis of Covid-19 risks. There is, of course, much hope and speculation about steps which may be taken about reduced quarantining, Covid-19 tests at airports [costing about £100.00 per person]. But at present there is nothing concret

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  • Concert for the Biocene

    On the 22nd of June the 'Concert for the Biocene' was broadcast by streaming, in which the UceLi Quartet performed Puccini's 'Crisantemi' from Barcelona's Teatro de Liceu...for an audience of 2,292 plants. What seems like a slightly bizarre idea to begin with, is actually very beautiful. The music and imagery reminding us of the early days of the lockdown, as the natural world flowed into the places deserted by humans. The plants were subsequently delivered to 2,292 health professionals, speci

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  • Making a Virtue of Neccessity

    Although we cannot visit the Wexford Festival in person this October, the spirit which enabled a small provincial town to create a world-renowned opera festival will prevail. Under the guidance of Wexford Festival Opera’s Artistic Director, ROSETTA CUCCHI, for this year only, Wexford Festival Opera will present to a reimagined, online-streamed Festiva. ‘Waiting for Shakespeare …The Festival in the air’ will run for eight consecutive days, from Sunday, 11 October until

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