About Us

Well actually, it’s all about you!

All we have ever wanted to do is to share with our clients some wonderful opera experiences, to take away the hassle which has become so much the norm in today’s busy world, and arrange outstanding holidays for those clients who return time-after-time to us.

Andrew and Jeanette have worked together for almost 25 years. We share an affinity for what the discerning client requires. We put you first. Always.

We intend to stay small and focused. This way we can exercise personal control over all aspects of you arrangements. We want to be the best, not the biggest. We need your feedback about what we are doing and how we are doing it. We are absolutely dependent on your views and assessment of our service.

Price. We believe you know well enough what things should cost. Travelling today is so competitive and prices are sometimes difficult to compare. Wherever possible, the hotels with whom we are working are small and charming with impeccable service. This, you tell us, is what you prefer. However, if on occasions you have your own preference or you find our costs too expensive, we can discuss alternatives. The main thing is to contact us and discuss what suits you best.

Above all, we want you to feel comfortable and relaxed in the knowledge your arrangements are in good hands. That we truly and passionately care about you and your well-being. Because we do.

Andrew Blair has a successful track-record in the travel industry. His collaboration with the Royal Opera House goes back to 1979. Since 1988, Andrew has been organising bespoke opera holidays. During this time Andrew has developed an outstanding network of overseas partners and contacts. As well as this, he has a loyal and devoted following of patrons and clients. Andrew concentrates on the marketing strategy, website development, sales optimisation and client relationships.

Jeanette Garrad has worked with Andrew since 1990 on a variety of projects and, in particular the building up of the opera data base; and brings outstanding organisational skills and youthful energy to the project. Using her knowledge of computer software, Jeanette will devise and manage the operations and reservations systems. 

2017-18 Opera Guide
2017-18 Opera Guide
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