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New York City
Manhattan skyline

New York City

Central Park, the Empire State Building, Fifth Avenue and the Met! Yellow cabs, Woody Allen and Greenwich Village and Wall Street. The Statue of Liberty and many superb museums. All this and much more. Outstanding value and wonderful restaurants. The shops and the shopping is amongst the finest in the world. Certainly no opera house offers a broader repertoire or more sumptuous sets and design as the Metropolitan Opera House in Lincoln Center. Exhilarating!

4 Day Tour Price from £990 per person*
Includes: three nights accommodation incl taxes, orchestra prime seat for one performance at the Met, opera synopsis, restaurant recommendations and city map.
Flights are not included but lowest fares can be sourced and booked.
*Based on Hotel Warwick or Empire.
The Empire Hotel
New York City
Nestled in a private corner of West 63rd Street between two legendary New York City landmarks – Lincoln Center and Central Park – this boutique NYC hotel provides luxury accommodations overlooking the Broadway / Columbus Avenue gateway to the Upper West Side.
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